"Introducing Aegis: scalable, proactive protection for your business. Outsourced IT that only outsources the hassles."

Robert Merva
CEO, Avrem Technologies, LLC

When you need IT to work...

Have you ever walked in to the office only to find that nothing works? You can't connect to the server, email is down, and your computer is painfully slow. By the time you've solved the issues half your day has been wasted. Our clients just don't have those problems and our Aegis Intelligent Protection agreements are why.

Instead of following the old-school tradition of "break-fix" (literally waiting for servers, desktops, or other critical networking devices fail before scrambling to fix them), a managed services provider works proactively to maintain systems and prevent large scale outages.

MSP agreements are a breeze to budget, increase productivity and uptime, and ensure network security so it's easy to see why IT firms and business alike are embracing this model.

Avrem Technologies has been providing managed services for our clients since 2009. Give us a call and we'll show you why we've been the area's premier IT consulting firm for almost a decade.